Tip 1: How to connect pipes

As is known, connect the pipes in various ways: the most reliable is the connection by welding, but at home or during equipment running water in the country is not always possible to use this type of connection is as close at hand may simply not have the necessary apparatus.In this case, it becomes necessary to use another method - without welding.

1. Types of pipe for the connection without welding

In order to reliably connect the pipes without the use of welding, it is necessary to choose the right type of pipe.For this method suitable pipes made of polyethylene, and pipes made of PVC.

2. Pipe connection technology

order to very reliably and securely connect pipe diameter is small, or medium, requires the use of specialized add-ons - fittings.Through the pipe fittings can be joined quickly, furthermore, it is the cheapest option for the pipe, however, the strength of the compound is not very reliable, especially if the fitting was chosen incorrectly.It is also very important to use

modern and high-quality fittings for pipes from the well-known manufacturers with a good reputation.

In working with pipes, especially if they are new performs possible errors, to correct them should always have available an additional fitting and use it as needed.For example, a very popular mistake is reversing pipe fitting, in this case, the fitting must be replaced, as the element which was taken out of the pipe, water pipe during operation can lead to leaks.

For greater reliability of the connection pipes, it is necessary to use seals which are often produced in the form of a filament coil.When this kind of net binding pipe threads, you must observe the following rules:

1. thread is wound in one direction - clockwise.

2. In order to future connection is not weakened, thread-sealing is necessary to moisten with water beforehand.

3. Drum seal until the end of the pipe is unacceptable indentation should be 2 centimeters.

These recommendations are essential to those who for the first time on their own without the help of the pipe connects specialized equipment.

Tip 2: How to connect PVC pipes

Currently plastic pipe are a familiar part of industrial and residential premises, as became quite high-quality alternative to other types of pipes.With the installation of plastic pipe is sewage, water, gas and electricity networks is performed gasket.They have many advantages due to its physical and chemical properties, and not inferior in strength even metal elements of communication.
How to connect PVC pipes
PVC pipes have a fairly long life and good resistance to temperature fluctuations and corrosion.Plastic pipe produced by compression molding, extrusion and casting process PVC molding.
assembly is done manually, without special equipment. connect pipes or rubber sleeve, or by "cold welding".They are very easy to use, and do not forget that the process PVC (unlike pipes, LDPE, PB, PVDF, etc.) Can not be hot.To avoid damage to the pipe use rubber gasket between the machinery and pipes.
All tube of PVC equipped factory fixed sealing rings that achieve greater reliability of connections and facilitate installation of the system.Before you connect the pipe , must be cleaned of dirt, dust and sand from the rubber ring the bell and spigot pipe .Make sure that the ring has the right position in the socket, and has no bumps and depressions.On a smooth end must be blunted.
rubber ring and smooth end of pipe lubricate with silicone grease, thus it is impossible to place on greased got sand or dust.Smooth end of the pipe into the socket send , pipe must be at the same time on the same axle, then slide into the socket on the end of that depth, which contains the installation label on the tube can not advance.
After installation, if necessary, is controlled by the position of the sealing ring in the socket.For this taken metal plate thickness of 1.5 mm and interposed between the smooth end and the socket so that the tube is in contact with the sealing ring.The position of the sealing ring is determined while moving the plate along the circumference of the pipe , are properly connected to the distance rings are equally around the entire circumference.When the air temperature is below 0 degrees should be careful when working with PVC pipes .
To lubricate the end of the pipe and the rubber ring can not be used petrochemical oil.
Helpful Hint
Connection pipes should be carried out carefully after use, check the location of the ring in the socket.