choosing this important kitchen accessories, you need to come primarily from the design and size cuisine , as well as its styling.
Bowls sinks can be of different shapes and sizes.The classic version - a square sink.The main advantage of this model - its compact size.
also common and round bowls (with equal volumes of rectangular sinks, they are more spacious).If the kitchen furniture is installed in a small kitchen, is selected as a rule, difficult cleaning, consisting of a plurality of cups arranged in relation to each other at an angle of 45 degrees.
In the case of kitchen furniture compact and sizes cuisine not allow you to set sink , consisting of two identical cups, choose a model with two bowls of different sizes (cup more - for washing dishes a
ndsmall - to defrost meat and wash fruits and vegetables).
Choosing sink , pay attention to its depth.So, for example, shallow model - perfect for a bachelor, but if the family consists of four or five persons, the bowl should be deep (optimum depth - 20 cm).
Valued for washing dishes , with wing-dryer, and even better if the two wings.Such dryers are provided drainage channels or individual holes that are connected directly to the sewer.With the washed dishes placed on the dryer, the water flows down into the holes, and then - down the drain.
By the method of installation for washing dishes can be cut-and patch.Surface models are designed for installation on podstolya, ie freestanding cabinets.Mortise sink is inserted directly into the tabletop (apparently they differ in that they do not have a rim or a rim height of less than 5 mm).
washers dishes can be made of different material.The main requirement - this kitchen accessory is to be resilient, because he will have to deal with the ice and hot water, detergents, as well as to withstand impact.The classic version - stainless steel sink.
Kitchen sinks can be stamped and welded.Embossed patterns are made of steel sheet by stamping.Tables and welded bowl made usually of a different metal.