If you have chosen a vertical single-pipe heating system , the flow of the draw a line under the ceiling of the upper floor or attic.So you submit coolant in the heating devices on the riser.Remember that you will have the economical consumption of pipes, but disable individually heaters in such a system is not possible, which entails their overspending.
you drive two-pipe vertical heating system with the lower wiring.In this case, pull the supply line and return line on the floor or floors above the ground floor.So you start up the coolant in the radiator, each separately.Install drain cocks air from the heating system to the upper radiator.What will you have?The ability to adjust the entire system at any time to disable
each heater.But compared to the one-pipe system, you increase the length of the pipeline.
Optionally: connect the system as you move the building.Remember that you can not install the apartment heat meters, although such homes are equipped with common house heat meters - it is more profitable for the primary costs.
installing a horizontal two-pipe heating system , route the main supply and return lines on the perimeter of each floor.Replace all without exception heating devices for air release valves.You can turn off the system by floor heating and apply radiators with bottom connection.You minimize the number of open pipes that extend the freedom of design solutions.Set the heat meter apartment.
If you choose a double-tube collector system Floor heating , set on each floor of the supply and return manifold.Move to each radiator supply and return pipes from the collectors.The installation of the heating system using plastic pipes.You get all the benefits that have a horizontal double-tube heating system .If desired, the pressure uvyazhite individual heaters.