the market offers two types of circulation pumps - pumps is immersion pumps and without immersion.The main producers of pumps - Germany and Italy.All models noiseless, economical in power consumption is enough reliable and durable.
For selection of the pump power there is a formula, but the calculation can only be made on the rough parameters.Because for accurate calculation should be aware of the temperature conditions in your region during the cold season, the degree of insulation of your home and especially the installation of the heating system.
According to the formula for calculating the amount to be desired production capacity of heat calculated in watts per square meter multiplied by the number of temperature.Therefore, the calculation must be carried out in accordance with precise parameters.
further calculates the required pressure in the heating system.To do this, consider the length of the heating pipes in a straight line and multiplied by the coefficient of pressure with the stock.Based on calculations, the power of the circulation pump is selected, the calculation is performed at the lowest winter temperatures and when operating in the maximum voltage mode.
Therefore, if the power to make a separate calculation is not possible, to correct purchases to invite experts in the field.
sold and more expensive models of circulation pumps, which can be set without performing difficult computations.This automatic circulation pumps , who will work in any mode in accordance with the required capacity of pumping and heating of the heating system.