you need
  • to perform the work required or polymeric multilayer pipes, edge tape, profile gasket for separating seam with polystyrene film, studs for fastening pipes, tools for mounting studs and plasticizer for concrete.
to regulate the underfloor heating are special valves, mounted in the rack cabinets.

first stage of installation of underfloor heating is the training ground.Its surface must be flat and horizontal, without irregularities, which can damage the foam board.

After preparing the floor decompose edges of the tape to separate the heating plate from the walls, as well as limit the heat loss through the walls.Edges of the tape is placed so that after the Bay of concrete ties and laying the flooring, she appeared on its surface.Excess tape is cut off after
the construction work.Then proceed to the layout of the styrofoam.
Options for laying underground water heating.
Styrofoam with the film is simultaneously thermal insulation and waterproofing.If the overlap is below may be subject to moisture, the film also fits under and polystyrene.Film strip, protruding outside the contour of polystyrene should be put on an adjacent plate overlapping, in order to obtain an airtight sealing by the screed.Now we can lay the pipe in a spiral.Helix depends on the geometry of the room.The distance between the pipes must comply with the project documentation, as heat affects the underfloor heating.Pipes to the expanded polystyrene is attached with special tooling for stud bolts.
Variant of laying pipes in a round room.
for accurate and reliable installation requires two people.After forming the loop ends of the pipes are connected to the flow and return distributor taps.Maximum surface of the heating plate can be 30m2 in connection with this, large areas should be divided into smaller portions separating seams.Separating joints should be carried out also in doorways.Pipes, in such places must be laid in a corrugated tube.The length of one plate should not exceed 8 m, and the ratio of its sides must not be greater than half the length.
Driving laying underfloor.
Underfloor heating is a low-temperature heating system, and depending on the flow temperature, the relevant types of valves.Distributors with mixing devices lower the temperature of water supplied to the required parameters.This type of distributor is used for simultaneous operation of underground and radiator heating.If the boiler launched a separate low-temperature circuit, for example by a central heating system, then the distributors without pump, whose task is to regulate the water flow in separate circuits.

installation in distributors of special electric servo motors, allows you to adjust the temperature using the room thermostat.Pressure test conducted to verify the integrity of the system.If the test pressure have been positive, it is possible to begin the concrete screed.To fill the mortar is applied with addition of plasticizer.The hardening time of the concrete screeds from 21 to 28 days, then you are ready to start heating.