What plastic pipes

tube of metal - a multi-layered structure, which includes in its composition of aluminum and polymer materials.In fact, it is a full aluminum pipe, which is protected on both sides with polyethylene, which distinguishes it from polypropylene reinforced pipes.Inner plastic layer protects such tubes from aluminum fluid that flows inside the structure and prevents the risk of salt deposits on its inner surface.The top plastic layer also has a protective role, while giving the pipe more attractive.

install plastic pipes preferably in the water supply and open the heating, because flush mounting they are not very suitable.

aluminum tube wall thickness can be up to 1 mm - this allows the metal-plastic to withstand the elevated temper
ature and the pressure.Also, due to this thickness is substantially reduced coefficient of linear expansion of the construction, which precludes sagging of the pipe (as in the case poliprolenovymi networks).The price of such pipes is quite democratic, they can buy in stores plumbing and large hypermarkets.

Mounting methods metal pipes

installation of metal structures should be carried out with the help of fittings - fasteners, allows you to mount any network configuration.There are several types of fittings: compression, press fittings and fittings with threaded pipe elements.

Another advantage of plastic pipes is the ability to bend them into the desired shape, which greatly simplifies the installation process.

compression fitting is secured by a clamp ring and nuts.This method does not require additional expensive instruments.

more reliable type of connection is a press-fitting, which is done by mounting them on crimping multilayer pipe with press jaw and a special crimping sleeve.

If you want to connect the metal-plastic tube with a metal, need to threaded pipe fittings elements, which are mounted similar to compounds used for pipes made of polypropylene.

When one of these methods, keep in mind that all connections (except for press fitting) - separable, so the joints are mounted in the wall is recommended to avoid the occurrence of leaks.

Application fittings installation

to install plastic pipes with compression fittings need hacksaw, calibrator to reshape the pipe at the site of the cut, the key is to tighten the clamping nut and file stripping burrs.To connect the design, cut the pipe to size (cut flat across the tube) and line-section of the calibrator.Strip a file burrs, disassemble the fitting, pull on the tube nut and ring.Then put the tube on the fitting compression fitting and connect them, twisting a nut hand and key until it stops.

Try not to overdo it with the efforts at tightening - elementary fitting can be damaged.

Application press fittings actual installation of the heating system.You will need the pressing jaws and crimp sleeves of different diameters.Prepare composition pipe as described in the previous method, and put on her the fitting desired diameter.Then connect it to the fitting fitted with a rubber seal and crimp sleeve manual or electric ticks.The ring must be uniform over the entire surface to press the sleeve.A reduction to be performed only once, as a second operation of this kind is unacceptable.

Before installing plastic pipes carefully read the instructions and manufacturer's recommendations.This will insure you against unpleasant surprises in the process of self-installation of these structures.

We repair plastic pipes

main cause of leaks in the composition pipe is installed fainting mounting fitting.To remedy the problem, replace the compression ring and the fitting with a seal.

Before repairs metal structures carried out a thorough examination of its entire outer surface, as the flow may not appear on the fitting, and on level ground line.

In the event of a leakage in these areas, you can use the following insulated bandage and epoxy: apply on dry and degreased pipe layer of glue and tightly bandage plot gave a leak.To be safe, you can apply an additional layer of adhesive through several layers already secured the bandage.