What are the towel

By way of connecting towel divided into water, is mounted on the hot water system, heating, are installed on the heating system and electric - running from the outlet of 220 V.

Abroad, these systems are often mounted in heatingsystem, but in the Russian realities such towel often fail.Their operation is calculated on the purified water and the lack of air pockets, and at a lower pressure, typical of Western heating.Therefore, consumers prefer domestic water and electric drying, and the water in great demand as a more cost-effective to operate.The market also offers another kind of towel rails - combined that when you turn off the hot water can run off.

Depending on the material, they are divided by steel, stainless steel coated with a compo
sition made from stainless steel and non-ferrous metals: copper, brass or aluminum.The most reliable considered towel, stainless steel, and if you decide to buy just such a setting, choose the model it is necessary taking into account all pros and cons. Towel stainless steel fit perfectly into the bathroom design, in harmony with the steel parts of faucets and valves.

Note that the steel tubes that make up the design of the towel warmer, have a welded seam, the quality of which depends largely on how long will you this device, as in the hot water are often pressure peaks.Pipes of the dryers, which are made of non-ferrous metals - weldless, they have no welded seams, so we can say that they have little strength inferior to those that are made of stainless steel.Very important is the fact that the instrument is consistent with the requirements of Russian standards and the thickness of the pipes of any diameter, used for the manufacture of towel, was not less than 3 mm. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are trying to sustain these standards and by buying the device, to become better acquainted with reviews of those Internet users who already have the experience of its operation.

What choose

towel rail Electric heated towel rail will operate autonomously - just hang it on the wall and connected to the mains.This drying can be used, even if the hot water will stop, but its exploitation will increase the electric bill, but the water will run almost free of charge.The disadvantages include the need for water towel "tie" in the hot water system.It is more convenient, of course, set the combo, but their value is higher than the water and electric.

method you choose towel warmer made of stainless steel, pay attention to his appearance and shape of which depends on the power of this unit.In most cases it has foot U-shaped or M-shaped.Heat transfer these dryers usually does not exceed 500 watts, this power gives hope for a long life, because the thick steel pipes made of stainless steel are not terribly damaging effects of particulate matter contained in the hot water and scratching the inner surface of the ground in the bends.

only thing that can shorten the life of such devices is the deposition of layers, it is no secret that for hot water supply in many towns used process water containing salt, slurry and chemical mechanical impurities.Sediments reduce the inner diameter of the pipe, particularly at bends, but that is reflected in the performance dryers should be at least 8-10 years.

When you care about the shape towel warmer and you want it to fit harmoniously into the interior of the bathroom, pay attention to the so-called design radiators, which are essentially the same drying.The power of these devices has considerably higher - heat transfer parameters may be set from 600 to 2000 watts.Material production - stainless steel, makes these towel and more robust and reliable, they are much less likely to suffer from aggressive influence of harmful impurities in the system of hot water than those made of brass, and other nonferrous metals.

should be noted that many domestic manufacturers offer a towel, manufacturing technology which takes into account the conditions of operation that are characteristic of Russian realities.Reliability and hence service life of such devices increase the number of ways, for example by applying high-strength special coatings on the inner surface of pipes.Therefore, when choosing this device, it is possible to give preference to the proven Russian manufacturers producing products for its design and quality is not inferior to foreign models.