you need
  • - container (bucket);
  • - hemp or sealing tape FUM;
  • - wrench №32 and №45 for steel and aluminum radiators;
  • - pipe wrench №2 for cast iron radiators;
  • - paint.
Remove items from the radiators, the bed onto the floor cloth or oilcloth.Remove the curtains.
Shut off the water if there is no shut-off valves - call a locksmith to drain the water from the heating system .Carefully remove the radiator, remove it from the wall mount and drain the water into the prepared container.
Take the radiator in the bathroom, or if you live in a private house on the street.At the bottom of the tub lay the boards - for the protection of enamel chipping and damage.Replace them with the help of the heat sink and remove the key Fittings (connecting piece to transfer to
a smaller pipe diameter).From the radiator pour smelly dirty slush.
with a hose or shower direct a jet of water in the end openings battery so you will wash it inside.Keep doing this until you pour clean water.
Blockages are crystalline - they do not handle ordinary water.In this case, tighten End Fittings and fill the radiator undiluted acetic acid.Can be used for this purpose, the solvent is diluted with water by 60-70%.Give radiator stand 2 hours, then drain the solution.Rinse thoroughly with running water battery.
dried out the radiator install the wall mount, all fittings, wipe with a dry cloth.Wrap each tow Fittings and cover paint suitable "enamel" or "Nitro."Fittings key tighten until it stops.The steel and aluminum radiators hemp is not used, there will need to tape FUM.