you need
  • Crane kitchen, gas or adjustable wrench, screwdriver, sealant, oakum.
Open kitchen faucet and in this position turn off the water in the apartment.The most common variant of Water supply steel pipes when the pipes of cold and hot water suitable for the kitchen sink.
Take an adjustable or pipe wrench and loosen the sleeve, securing the valve to the pipe.The key should be rotated counterclockwise.Typically, the coupling is located at the bottom of a sink.If the nut is turned hard, try to drop it a little bit of machine oil.Another way to overcome the stubborn resistance of the nut - use two keys.The first key locking nut, you unscrew the second clutch.
Gently remove the kitchen faucet from the pipe.Disconnect also on tap and lead-hoses.The most common flexible connection.
This rubber tubes hidden in a metal sheath.Podvodok length selected in accordance with the features of your communications.Pay attention to the views of external and internal thread on supply hose and check the presence and condition of rubber gaskets inside nuts.
now proceed to install the crane well.On the sink faucet when installing and place the gasket, which is used to prevent the flow of water under the sink.
key tighten the nut, whereby valve is held in the sink.
Connect valve to the pipes by means of suitable hoses.Note the presence and integrity of the washers at the joints.If valve is connected directly to the pipe, it should wrap the threaded part of the tow.This should be done so as to wrap a layer of tow fibers thicken.Make sure that the thickness of the tow is still not exceed the height of the thread.
threaded connection promazhte top paint or sealant.Open the valve and check the quality of the repairs made by you.