you need
  • enamel
  • brush
  • abrasive stone
  • drill
  • scouring powder
  • oxalic acid
  • alkali
  • spray against defects of enamel
  • stakril
The easiest way to restore the coating bath contact the specialized firm.But first, you need to decide which method to use for the restoration of the bath you prefer.Restore coating bath can use enamelling.In this case, the restoration bath carried out by coating bath special enamel.The composition of enamel varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, there are two-comp
onent and three-component compositions based on epoxy resins and polyurethane components ready for painting, and requires mixing.The output can be obtained both glossy and matte finish of different colors.Enameling bath cost you inexpensive and does not require time-consuming.A similar method of recovery bath is gilding and silvering.Naturally, these methods of restoration will cost you much more.With the help of enamelling baths can not only restore its coverage so that can not be distinguished from the factory, but also to decorate it a graphic pattern.Another fashionable way to restore the coating bath by using acrylic.Its undoubted advantage lies in the fact that it makes a warm bath.Acrylic may be a ready-acrylic inserts and inserts into the bath as well as in the form of special composition (stakrila), which is specifically applied to the front surface of the bath (filler technology).Acrylic tub liner can be used even if there are holes in the bath.The problem is that the acrylic liner is not suitable for every bath.If the acrylic liner in the bath does not suit you, you can carry out the restoration of the new technology, which is called - a bath filler.In this case, the composition (based on acrylic injection) is poured into the bath from above and stack forms a smooth layer, covering all its disadvantages.
Restore enamel coating baths using enamel paint can on its own, in the absence of through-holes.Enameled steel and cast iron can be bath , but not acrylic.First we need to carefully remove the old enamel and to clean rust, smoothing out any unevenness.For this you need a special grinding stone, worn by the drill as well as scouring powder.Then it is necessary to etch the surface bath of oxalic acid and then neutralizing the acid with alkali.Next, wash the surface of the bath , and not spending showerhead, and filled the bath for 3 minutes with hot water.Then dry the surface of the bath .Some manufacturers, to enameling, recommend zashpatlevat surface.Before applying some workers need to prepare the compositions.To do this, mixed with a hardener the enamel, just follow the instructions on the package.The resulting mixture is ready, or a brush gently apply on the prepared surface, ensuring uniform distribution of it.Allow to dry the first coat of approximately 20 minutes, and then apply the second and third layers, allowing them to dry and 20 minutes.After apply another layer on the bottom of the bath .Three days later, you can use the bathroom.