When restoring old enamels enamel coating trimmed, and then apply a new layer of enamel.It is the most economical way to upgrade the bath.Enamelling can be done by yourself - exercise is time-consuming, requiring carefully and accurately, but special skills are required.Special enamel coating baths are sold in DIY stores complete with all the necessary materials.And the main thing in this case - to follow the instructions on the package enamel.To update a bath must first be thoroughly cleaned old enamel, degrease the surface acid, warm bath, then apply the enamel (in one or two layers), and give it to dry.
Restoration of the enamel coating can be ordered from specialized firms that provide services to update the bath.Is it worth the fairly inexpensive (though, of course, more expensive than self-enamelling).When choosing a company that will produce the work, ask about the warranty on the enamel coating - this is one of the main indicators of quality of work.The service life of this coating is typically 5-7 years.
Another way to update a bath - is the installation of acrylic liner.Inserts are made strictly to order, placed inside the bath and stick to its surface with special glue.Installation of the insert is more expensive than the enamel, but also the life of his above - bath will retain their whiteness for 15-20 years.
also companies specializing in the restoration of bathtubs, offering another way to restore the bath - surface coating liquid acrylic ("bath filler").Technologically, the main difference from the enamelling is that the coating is not applied by brush or spray, and poured on a side and drip down.A layer of acrylic turns thick enough to provide smooth coating even on a bath with serious cracks and irregularities.Lifetime filler coating is about 15 years.