you need
  • 1st way:
  • - enamel;
  • - Cleaners;
  • - waterproof sandpaper or an abrasive stone;
  • - brush, spray, inker.
  • Method 2:
  • - acrylic insert;
  • - mounting adhesive.
Refresh old bath can, covering it with enamel or acrylic insert mounted.Enamelling baths you can implement on their own or with the help of specialists.
Clean the surface of the old enamel bath: apply with a brush or sponge powder without chlorine-containing composition (such as "Pemolyuks") and walk straight on powder waterproof sandpaper or an abrasive stone.Then rinse abrasion crumb and soap film water, strip rust and carefully degrease the surface of the bath.
Fill the tub with hot water for 5-10 minutes, drain the wat
er and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth product.Prepare a working composition - Mix enamel and hardener.Apply the first coat of enamel - primer.Allow to dry colored bath for 10-15 minutes and apply a second coat of enamel.That's all.The whole process will take 3 - 4 hours.
Be careful with the paint brush bath, take care that there was no capacity to stains and bubbles.Otherwise the enamel flaked off immediately after dry.Normally tub dries 48 hours (in the instructions to the enamel indicate the time it dries, and the period after which the bath can be operated).Recommend for effect not to use the bathroom for another 5-7 days.
Some enamel is not applied with a brush or roller, and spray.This allows for a more uniform coating.However, the painting bath is strictly stick to the instructions and recommendations cover the newspapers or some old blanket the walls and the floor near the painted object to a thin layer of enamel is not turned on them.
second method restoration of the bath - acrylic liner.It is mounted on the individual order of any shape and color.Ready liner insert into an old bath, Dock drains and "interlock" with a special adhesive bath.Installation acrylic liner takes about 2 hours (it is better to trust the professionals).Service life is - 20 years.