main items responsible for the proper operation of the pump , are valves, and especially - the lower-return valve.It defines the performance of the pump , as well as his constant readiness.To half water aimlessly back and forth not to drive, but left without work the pump does not drain all the water back into the well or well, the valves must be made of good quality.
But the piston may be a gap between the walls of the housing to themselves, and quite large.Water will seep between the wall and the piston, but its main mass will flow through the valve.If you want everything to fit tightly, make sure that the pis
ton walked back and forth freely.
housing can be made from a length of any pipe having a diameter of 80 mm or more.The optimal length of the segment - 60 to 80 cm. The inner tube is desirable machined on a lathe to remove any irregularities using scraper.But if this is not possible - it does not worry.Piston with lids can be made of metal or of thick plastic or even wood.The wooden cover is cheaper, though they are a single season.Although they may last longer.Especially useful for caps larch and oak.Such cap swell by water and reliably seals the gap between the walls of the housing.To the piston when wet wood is not jammed, it should be made with sufficient clearance.The valves can be made of metal tubes pressed into the wood.