you need
  • - Booster - washing apparatus;
  • - flushing fluid;
  • - set of wrenches;
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - a set of screwdrivers.
Flushing of heating systems and heat transfer in boilers is carried out using a special device - a booster.It includes a circulating pump and a reversible capacity for cleaning liquid.Take booster can rent, you can buy it in specialty stores.You also need to stock up on a special liquid for washing and converter.In most cases, are ideal tools Cillit-Kalkloser and Cillit-Neutra or their domestic counterparts DM TMS and TMS DP.The choice of cleaning agents must be done in accordance with the nature of the contamination, the material of the heat exchanger and a view of the coolant.
Before you start washing the heat exchanger must be removed from the boiler decorative casing and disconnect the unit from the heating put.To do this, remove the retaining screws and remove the cover with a canopy, and on feeding tubes and reverse current hyping connecting flanges or nut quick couplings.

followed by a booster attached to the boiler.This is done by means of special hoses and adapters, which are selected depending on the connection type and diameter of the pipes.Before turning on the booster to the work you need to disable the boiler from the mains and shut the gas valve and check the connection to the input nozzles.
The first step is to wash the etching.This procedure is an intense circulation of the heat exchanger by the acidic solution, decomposing limestone, rust and other deposits.The means for etching is poured into the holding tank of the booster through a wide neck.Depending on the degree of contamination must be from two to six hours of operation of the booster in different circulation directions.It may also be necessary to replace the etching solution with the progress of the chemical reaction.

After etching system must be flushed converter.This is done to remove excess fat and broken align medium neutral level of acidity.To carry out the neutralization of the booster is switched off and the entire composition is drained from the heat exchanger to a receiving tank.Next, the replacement means and include booster for another hour and a half.
Upon completion of the washing procedure of the booster drained waste liquid and disconnect hoses from the boiler.For introductory branch pipes need to connect the supply pipe and the return current, turn on the power, the gas supply and check operation of the boiler.After washing, generally there is an increase in water temperature, decrease heating time, and gas flow rate.