you need
  • screwdriver, wrenches, a rubber hose
Disconnect the water heater , unplug it from the network.Wait until the temperature has dropped.To speed up the process, open the hot water.
Remove the white cover on the bottom of the water heater, it is normally attached with four screws.Examine the neck of the tank.The spout is inserted a heating element (heater), joined by a thermostat and the connecting wires.
Disconnect the ground wire (usually yellow or green).
Insert a screwdriver into the gap between the heating element and the thermostat and remove the thermostat with wires.Inspect the thermostat for the presence of streaks or droplets of water (this is the first symptom of PETN).
Drain the water from the device.Shut off hot and cold water.Unscrew the pipe with a safety valve.Put a prepared tube, the length of which is to allow the water to drain into the sink (bath).In order to strengthen the reliability of the hose clamp.Now, remove the hot water pipe and drain.
After draining the water, remove the heating element (TEN).Remove water heater from the wall, clean it from possible dirt, remove rust, if necessary.
Before installing a new heating element, make sure that it is attended by a rubber O-ring, and that it is not damaged.To ensure a better fit of the ring, lubricate it with oil.
Screw the heater until it stops.Insert the thermostat.Set the desired temperature.Install the cover and tighten the screws.Reinsert the pipes for hot and cold water.
Open the cold water and fill the heater.Open the hot water tap to completely out all the air.Once out of the hot tap water came out, turn the device into a network.Water heater repair is completed.