screens for baths

Modern glass screens for the bathroom is an aluminum frame, consisting of two vertical profiles and two guide - top and bottom.The lower guide profiles and is secured to the legs, a height-adjustable, while the upper rail is supported on the tub rim.Tempered glass screen fixed Plexiglas in an aluminum frame with silicone, firmly hold it in place.The screen itself consists of two movable wings, moving on stainless roller bearings equipped with special plastic caps.

These caps are designed to protect the screen from fasteners constant contact with water and prevent them from rusting.

also bearing rollers enable glass screens to slide on an aluminum frame quietly, smoothly an
d easily.Bath set with screen glass has a very advantageous view, and does not require special care of this element bathrooms - glass is enough to wipe with a damp cloth once a week.Plexiglas protects the area from the water, it does not flow down to the floor, and household chemicals to spoil the bathroom or under the floor bathrooms.

Benefits glass screens

Modern plexiglass shields of glass different from the usual curtain for the bathroom durability, reliability and attractive appearance.They are equipped with high-quality fittings and tempered glass resistant to external mechanical influences.Even if it is broken, all the fragments remain in the frame, whereby the risk of injury is minimized.To the bathroom with high humidity did not breed a variety of bacteria and fungi, you can buy special glass screens with anti-bacterial coating.

Tempered glass screen of a plexiglass stronger than standard glass is more than five times, and its optical properties fully comply with the highest standards.

Due to its high mechanical strength, modern glass screen has a fairly high heat resistance, withstanding temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius.It also makes it resistant to sudden changes in temperature and strong overheating.By comparison with seasoned plexiglass screen, thermal usual glass does not exceed 400 degrees Celsius.