Before installing the sink , you need to properly choose the one, the only, which is not one year will delight vas.Perechislim conditions that must be taken into account.The color, the shape of the sink must match the design of the room and plumbing fixtures, next to which it will be installed.Dimensions should be in the range of free space installation site.Also important is the way to secure rakoviny.Esli first condition is individual and depends on your taste, the latter two require training.Before you go to the store, carefully, measure and record all the sizes (dimensions of space, the distance between the pipes, pipe diameters, threads and so forth.).To this end decide the location of the sink.For example, in the bathroom the
most simple and sensible solution - put sink next to the bathroom.Firstly, you can save on a blender (leave one faucet in the bathroom sink and by a long nose), and secondly, convenient drain connection (able to use already existing).Methods for installing and fixing the sink, there are several.
mount sink on the countertop.To do this, cut a hole in the table top, just repeats the shape of the shell.The shell is installed in this hole and fixed.The joint between the sink and countertop is sealed with silicone.The mixer is installed and secured to the sink.After that the connection to cold and hot water flexible hoses through separate valves.Connected siphon mounted on the sink to the main sewer, sealed joint.
mount sink on the wall.This mount is good if there is a wall mounted pipe hot and cold water, to which the mixer is connected by flexible hoses.Drain line must also be built into the wall, the sink is connected to the outlet of the drain pipe corrugated hose and sealed.If the wall of brick or concrete, with dowels at a height of 70-80cm from the floor mounted brackets that are installed and fixed the sink.
mount sink on the nightstand.On a specially prepared set nightstand sink and secured by fasteners.Since the siphon is inside the tables, you can adjust the type, appearance connection does not matter.Using a mixer available on the nuts and washers it is attached to the shell, flexible hoses for hot and cold water, and then connect the siphon to the drain pipe.Place sealing compound.Nightstand does not necessarily own tinkering.Today there is a huge variety of shell-thumbs.It remains only to pick it up in size, color and shape.