can, of course, apply to the heating system with an urgent request to supply adequate coolant temperature.They can send Metrology, which considers temperature and feed Statistics promise you analyze the results and take action.Only now taken these measures to help long enough.If you languishing in the heat and stuffiness in your apartment, try to adjust heating .This applies primarily to those who live in older homes with respect and where the heating control valves are located at the entrance to the apartment.
only way to combat stuffiness at home, which al
so is quite simple and effective, is the overlap of the heating in the apartment.Partially or completely block it can be almost any tenant, if he knows what to do at first, and then what.After all, each apartment has air valves suitable for this purpose.But you will not only make a comfortable temperature in the apartment, but also reduce your heating bills .
heating overlap completely.If it's already firmly established Spring, blending smoothly into the summer, then heating can be covered thoroughly.To do this, you need to close the two cranes, usually located in the hallway near the entrance to the apartment.One of these cranes will block incoming pipe, and the second - the reverse.
For partial shutdown of heating is necessary to operate as follows: at the entrance to the apartment there are four cranes spanning two red (included) and two blue (back).So, using the crane, you can override heating one half of the apartment, leaving him elsewhere.