Most of instantaneous water heaters is not even equipped with a fork.This is to ensure that they have established through a separate wiring without using a socket.All instantaneous water heaters with power above 5 kW can be connected to the system only through the aqueduct Hotel wiring, install protection against short-circuit and a mandatory grounding.
If your water pipe system, the water pressure is not stable, the water heater can burn.Connect instantaneous water heater only to the central water supply is constantly stable water pressure.If your water supply does not meet such requirements, the instantaneous water heater not recommended.
To install the instantaneous water heater make separate wiring
on the installation location of the device to the switch box.Cable select large cross-section corresponding to the power of the purchased unit.
install electrical panel on a separate system of circuit breakers that would go only to the water heater Nome device.It is best if all the electrical work on the connection of the flow water heater to the electricity network performed by a qualified electrician in compliance with all rules and conditions of safety in the use of high-power electrical appliances.
The simplest model of the flow water heater tion device attached directly to the tap water supply by a flexible hose.
for embedded models need to crash into the water system.The instructions for such devices is a clear indication of how to do it and where to connect the unit directly above the crane or under the tap.For installation use the device seals, additional metal pipes and replace the filter for rough water purification.