Pros and Cons shower

One of the main advantages of the shower to the bathroom, which primarily take into consideration when choosing this small size.For modest in size bathrooms most apartments are more suitable for narrow and tall showers than baths wide, occupying a large area.Space saving allows you to put the washing machine in a room that was not previously placed.

In addition, take a shower in the shower several times easier and more enjoyable than in the bath: no high side through which you need to climb, there is a slippery floor, no need to ensure that no water is spilled on the floor.The comfortable cabin floor, it is closed on all sides.And many models are equipped with various functions including a rain shower, a cold shower, hot tub, steam
shower, and others.This will make the water treatment not only varied but also useful.Some functions are not directly related to bathing, and offer additional entertainment: cab equipped with radio, telephone, sound and aromatherapy devices.

consumption of water while taking a shower in the shower several times smaller than the whole set of bath.If you buy a model with a high pallet, it is very convenient to wash small children, without spending a large amount of water.Showers are easy to install.

The main drawback of the shower - the inability to soak in the bath, for some people this is one of the most enjoyable pleasures.Moreover, such a device is not suitable for many apartments in apartment blocks, where the water pressure is small and does not allow the majority of the functions.Wash the walls of the shower stall a bit hard, white coating rubbed with difficulty.And finally, the showers are on average more expensive baths.

Pros and cons bath

Bath takes 2.5 times more space than the shower.It is slippery, is not very convenient for showering, it requires significant amounts of water.But the end of her disadvantages.A main advantage consists in that the wash bath can be in either vertical or horizontal position, which shower can not provide.Therapeutic baths with herbs, fragrant relaxing bath foam, useful for skin treatments with sea salt - it's all available to owners of ordinary baths.And they are much easier to bathe small children.Baths are cheaper showers.