you need
  • - toilet complete;
  • - corrugation to connect to the sewer;
  • - a flexible hose for connecting to the water supply;
  • - cement mix for the preparation of the solution.
Before you go to the store for purchase, see how in the toilet drain located (wall, floor).It is important to consider when choosing a design and toilet.They differ in: 1.shaped bowls (Belleville, Voronkov, Visor); 2.the material from which they are made (earthenware, porcelain) the place of attachment (to the floor, a wall), the location of manufacture (direct release into the floor, with direct release into the wall, with the
outlet located at an angle of 30 °); location flushing drum (directly on the toilet e separately in the wall) .All types toilet s already have a water seal that keeps unpleasant odors, so other devices do not need.
Remove the old toilet .If it was set and fixed on a thick wooden board (taffeta), remove it.On the floor make the concrete floor, give it "to get stronger."
Then, select and mark the place of installation of the new toilet well.Put it on the floor opposite the issue of sewer pipe so that the optimal size were exposed to the walls, doors, and other plumbing fixtures.Draw a base on the floor and mark the mounting holes.
By marking drill holes in the floor, put a plastic dowels.
One end of the bellows having therein a rubber sleeve, pull on the outlet and toilet.Cuff snaps tightly and eliminate the possibility of water leakage.The other end of the corrugations connect with the release of the sewer pipe.
Set toilet into place and secure it well.
Collect cistern mechanism to install it on the toilet .The assembly at the factory, follow the instructions.Then, attach the tank to the toilet have.Check that the junction has a rubber gasket.
flexible hoses connect the cistern to the water supply and check for leaks.
Install toilet seat in the .You are now ready for operation.