Tip 1: How to make a sewer

In areas where the ability to connect to a central communications missing, have to deal with their own arrangement of the facilities, in particular, the construction of sewage systems.Main requirements for design of sewer pits - the distance from the structure of not less than 5 meters, located in a convenient location for the entrance of the machine pumping strong up walls to avoid their collapse and a good overlap in order to lack of odor.
you need
  • -traktor for digging the pit
  • -zhelezobetonnye ring
  • -kanalizatsionnaya pipe
  • -perekrytie
  • -heat material for insulation
  • -pesok, gravel, cement, planks (if strengthened wallswill own)
Before the construction of sewage prepare concrete rings in the number of the desired depth of sewage.If your location level the location of groundwater is high, the sewage pit is better to make a broad, but not deep, and its bottom isolated by pouring concrete.Concrete rings when a device is not suitable sewer.You will have to supply the formwor
k along the perimeter of all the walls and make an independent casting in order to strengthen the walls of the landslides.
When finding the deep groundwater level took a deep sewer .In order to strengthen the walls just suitable concrete rings.The bottom of the pit, in this case does not necessarily insulate.Part of the water from the sewage system will go into the soil, which is not hazardous to the environment, because the land is known to be the strongest filter.
determine the place and depth - dig pit.Reinforce the walls with the help of the above methods are suitable for your soil.
sewer pipes to drain waste water from the house is necessary to put and keep it wide with a slope from the house to the sewer at the most short and direct way.The fewer turns and bends - the less likely clogging the pipe.
If you make a sufficient slope of the sewer pipe, the need for its thorough insulation is missing.Just obtyanite pipe insulation material layer and sprinkle the ground that it would not hurt you.
In sewer you can withdraw from the pipe and sewage from the roof.
establish a good ceiling, the best of the concrete slabs with a hole for evacuation.All pour the ground.Sewer ready.

Tip 2: How to make a sewer in the country

If you come to the country for a short time and only in the summer, its lack of household facilities are not able to any serious reduce the pleasure of relaxing onNature.But if you live in the country for a long time, not only in summer but in winter, equipping it with all the engineering systems becomes a necessity.
How to arrange a sewer at the cottage
you need
  • - plastic sewer pipes and fittings;
  • - a set of building tools;
  • - lumber (edged board, lumber);
  • - cement;
  • - bitumen mastic;
  • - mineral wool;
  • - gravel and sand.
Make a drawing (layout) sewerage.Consider the diagram and display the location of all its components: drainage pipes, riser, branch pipes, septic systems, underground filtration.The drawing must show a detailed outline of all piping connections, the parameters used in pipes and fittings, the distance between the components.On the basis of the drawing, make a specification containing a list of all your needed materials and components.
As inputs accept the following parameters sanitation.
risers and outlet pipe running from it to a septic tank must have run at least DN - 100.
distance from the house to the septic tank should be at least 5 meters.
septic tank volume is calculated according to the formula: V = n * 0.2 * 3 where:
V - volume of the septic tank in m³;
n - the number of people living in the house;
0,2 - the amount of water consumed by one person a day, in m³;
3 - times a day.
If you have purchased a ready septic tank, performs its installation according to the instructions.If you decide to make it yourself, do the work in the following order.
Dig rectangular hole at a distance of 5 meters from the house.The depth of the pit is determined by the depth of frost penetration.Normally it is taken in the range of 1.5 to 2.5 m. The dimensions of the well in terms of those calculated from the volume of the septic tank, its depth and wall thickness (about 200 mm).
should be borne in mind that the larger the volume of the septic tank, the less it will have to be emptied.If you intend to do this by a sewage truck, the possibility of her entrance to the septic tank.
Install formwork.Its design should include inlet and outlet openings in the walls of a septic tank and a partition dividing it into two chambers - the reception (for solids) volume of 0.75 of the total volume of a septic tank and a chamber for the liquid fraction.Partition height should be about half the height of the septic tank, it is desirable to equip the upper grid, not allowing the solid phase to move to the second chamber.The edges of the septic tank must rise above ground 150-200 mm.
Set formwork reinforcement and inserts for mounting brackets cover installed over the septic tank.Prepare a concrete mix with an approximate ratio of 1: 2: 4 (cement: sand: crushed stone) and pour it into the mold.After curing, remove the formwork solution and Grout the bottom of the septic tank.If the groundwater level is high, promazhte septic tank outside bitumen resin - waterproofing.
Install exhaust pipe connecting the riser to a septic tank.For the rational use of the last volume, it is desirable that the depth of its occurrence is not too big - no more than 0.5 meters from the ground.Provide pipe inclination towards the septic tank at least 2 cm to one meter length, insulated with mineral wool it.Basic (connected to the riser) equip the end of the pipe tee, one input which should be pointing up (to connect with the riser) and the second (Allen) - equipped with a revision (fitting, for cleaning the pipe).
Assemble and install the riser.It is a team structure consisting of a main pipe and fittings to connect the toilet and the pipe, which empties of all plumbing devices at home - sinks, tubs, showers and so on. The top of the riser Output osnostite and its protective cap.
Connect the riser toilet.Perform installation of internal drainage pipes, reducing them to a main pipe.Connect to the last riser.
Arrange a system of underground filtration of wastewater, whose function is to diversion of water from the septic tank in a trench filled with gravel or crushed stone.
  • Manual for designing autonomous engineering systems.