Install water heater should be in a way that was close to water points.You also need to maintain a constant room temperature is not below zero.
When connecting the boiler use the pedestal, which is specially designed for installation on her water heater.Provide pre-shut-off valves to isolate the primary and secondary circuits.To avoid breakage of emergency, rinse thoroughly with water system.Connect the boiler only after all of the operations described above.
Secure the first hinged bar (the so-called material), selected according to the strength of the walls.Set the instrument
on a stand in an upright position and connect it, guided by the scheme, provided the instruction manual and connection boiler .There are cases that the instructions found any reservations regarding the installation of the device.As it is necessary to set the maximum flow rate (if the instruction is not no reservations).According to safety regulations should be used as insulators in plastic or metal tubes.
Next you need to see to it that the line drain safety valve is not closed, and the shut-off valve between the safety valve and hot water in the trunk were missing.Connect the water supply line to the place where the instruction specifies.Now you can install the booster valve.Advance stipulated in the boiler room with the discharge of water.For safety unit needs a siphon funnel.
to start the hot water to arrive, just after the opening round of cranes establish circulation between the points selection and recirculation pipe from the boiler .It's all.