you need
  • for repairs drain the tank, you will need:
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - pliers;
  • - a small brush, old toothbrush can;
  • - detergent.
So you start leaking water into the toilet, it goes a little trickle of his bowl, leaving behind a trail of rusty.Turn off the water supply to the toilet, turn off the tap.Drain the water from the existing pot.Take the wrench and remove the hose from the receiver.Okrut nut float device and remove it.Dismantle into individual parts.Start to clean them.The inlet valve wipe brush and wash with detergent, removing rust.The valve itself is also
clear from the deposits, adjust and clean the float mechanism.It should move easily and freely.Assemble the float unit and set aside until the side.
Remove the tank holding two bolts from the bowl.There you'll see a rubber ring, knead it, wash and rinse.Remove the trigger tank.It consists of a fixed lower part of the gate valve and the movable top.Its main part is a rubber or plastic connecting parts, wherein the web adjacent to each other.The connection of their accumulated a lot of rust and sediment.Thoroughly clean their wetted parts should be soft and easy to get on with each other.Rinse the detergent they attach to each other, look, tight if they come into contact, whether troughs and cracks.They can be lubricated with petroleum jelly for the first time.Clean the inside of the tank.Assemble the trigger, put it in place, screw the tank to the bowl.Put a float device.Connect the water.Fill the container, check if it passes the water, if not, all right.If water still leaks, then buy a new drainage unit suitable for your tank and install it.