Tip 1: How to repair the cistern

Very often drain tank begins to leak.Water, which is a valuable natural resource flows away into the sewer.To use the toilet becomes uncomfortable.To avoid this, as soon as possible to repair the drain tank .It is not so difficult, we just have to know some tricks.
you need
  • pads, wrenches, screwdrivers, brush, wood spatula, silicone grease.
Open the cover and look at the tank manufacturer's name, type of tank, the date of production.This will come in handy in case you need to change pads or other details.Worn pads must be replaced, despite the leakage.
Perekroyte valve and start cleansing the tank.For convenience, disconnect the float valve from the tank.Remember that this should move to the left, using wrenches and pipe wrenches.Do not twist too much - you can strip the threads.
Carefully loosen the plastic nut.This will help you hammer, and if it is not enough, use a thermal punch.The temperature should not be too high - plastic may melt.To qualitatively re
paired tank drain , it is necessary to observe accuracy.
Scrub brush contaminated plastic parts of a tank and rinse thoroughly with water.Scouring powder at the same time is not recommended.If you notice a solid deposits, remove them shovel.It is better if the blade is made of wood.
Replace damaged gaskets with new ones.Check out how they got to their seats.If everything is in order, proceed to the assembly of parts previously cleaned.Remember: you have to perform all previous steps, but in reverse order.
carefully crafted thread.For this purpose, perfect for reinforcing (silicone) lubricant.To do this, use a brush with dense bristles evenly distribute the grease on the surface.Repair toilet tank is nearly finished.
Test the quality of the drainage system, including water repeatedly.If you do not see fit to change the old float, you can support it with polystyrene foam and mount (or screw), which is non-corrosive.Suitable material for fixing - stainless steel.

Tip 2: How to fix the cistern

A bathroom should always be in good condition, especially in the toilet cistern.However, sometimes it may be minor violations in his work, which lead to significant financial losses.For troubleshooting, you can use the services of sanitary or make repairs yourself.
How to fix a drain tank
you need
  • membrane float valve, float, muffler, stabilizer valve
Restore skewed float lever.Moving the lever to a horizontal position, approximately 2.5 cm below the inlet feed truby.Zamenite membrane.Drain the water from the cistern toilet, remove the lid, set the bar instead, for example made of wood, tie it float lever.Unscrew the nut that connects the discharge tube to the tank.Loosen the nut at the base of the siphon flush tank.Remove the siphon from the lever drain water, remove it.Install a new membrane of the same size.Collect the toilet tank fittings in reverse order.
Replace the float, it can be damaged and leak inside.If you currently do not have a spare, then remove the water from the float, fill the hole in it heated plastic or wrap it in a plastic bag, tie it tightly around the float rychaga.Ispravte float valve.To do this, replace worn or damaged gasket, which is located in the piston valve (installed in older models), or membrane, located in the membrane valve (flushing protects tank from mechanical impurities in the water, installed in the new models).Make membrane of hard rubber, whose thickness should be from 1.5 to 2 mm.Size must exactly match the old membrane.
Replace the float valve.Remove water from the toilet cistern.Remove the wrench the fitting that connects the supply pipe water supply system with float valve cistern.Disconnect the float lever.Remove the outer and inner locking nuts.Remove the float valve.Install the new float valve toilet tank.Attach the valve float lever.Fill the water tank flush .Secure the lever in the float position.
Attach the float valve silencer (plastic flexible tube).This is necessary if the flush tank filled with excessive noise.Set muffler inlet float valve vertically above the water level.The lower end of his dip in the water, thus stabilizing the noise snizitsya.Postavte float valve.This is necessary when the pressure in the float valve is very large, the muffler has no effect.
Float valves may vary in design, but the principle of their operation is the same.

There are three types of float valves: for strong, medium and weak water pressure.In the living room set, float valves for low water pressure.
Helpful Hint
carries out the selection based on the float valve of the water pressure in the line, or if the valve is designed for weak water pressure, then under high water pressure it will pass water, even in good condition.
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