you need
  • - steel wire;
  • - electrical tape;
  • - hose from gidrourovnya;
  • - small bucket;
  • - a piece of pipe;
  • - tees;
  • - basin;
  • - hot water.
with electrical tape to attach the hose from the steel cable gidrourovnya.Then one end of the cable to shove sewer pipe .
second end of the improved steel cable soldered to a small plastic bucket.To do this, heat the piece of pipe with a diameter of 4-5 mm, and leaned against the bucket: the plastic melt in the right place without difficulty.On the tube put the hose from gidrourovnya.Secure the bucket on the five-foot height.
With tees make removal of the sewer pipe, for waste water will have to flow somewhere.The ends of the tap output in ano
ther large bowl or container.
Boil water (three liters) and slowly blow off some of her in a bucket.Through this mechanism, homemade hot water is supplied directly to the frozen section of sewer pipe.Wait 10-15 minutes, then push the wire on - deep into the pipe.Then again, the meanest in a bucket of hot water.A follower of the action is repeated until until the water flow freely on the sewer pipe.
fix the result: a bucket of water, boil and pour into the sewer.