For residents of Russian regions located south of the Arctic Circle, there are two ways to resolve the issues raised.
first.The water pipe is laid in a prepared trench depth of which not less than one meter from the surface.Bury it, let the water and wait for the arrival of cold weather.With the onset of winter, when the depth of soil freezing, according to experts, we have reached 1.2 m at an ambient temperature below -20 degrees for two or three days of a water pipe in a trench certainly thawed.
second.If there is no time to wait for the arrival of the winter fros
ts, drench water pipe with liquid nitrogen.The result is instant.
For those people who do not want the defrost water pipe during the winter, it is advisable to carry out pipe laying at a depth of less than 1.2 meters.Line underground line is performed in accordance with the requirements of building regulations, providing for its compulsory waterproofing.Entering the building or structure is made of a well filled with insulation material.In those households where heating outbuildings, farm buildings used by the general closed-loop system of water heating from a boiler system, and it is impossible to do without running the air line, it will avoid defrosting insulated with mineral insulating material.
To remove an ice plug (if it occurs) of a metal water pipe in order to restore it to warm the liquid circulation pipe open fire blowtorch.
Frozen water pipe made of plastics or metal pipes, warmed with boiling water or hot air coming from the dryer building or other similar equipment.