you need
  • - plunger;
  • - means for removing blockages;
  • - rope;
  • - boiling water.
First of all, try to break through the blockage plunger.Put the tightly it to the sink and take a few clicks.Sometimes this method brings a good result.
purchased at a hardware store liquid to remove blockages.They include a variety of alkalis, acids, and other dirt-dissolving substances.Add the product tube and wait for 4-6 hours.Though producers and indicates the exposure time of 15-20 minutes, during this period, a serious obstruction softens.Then pour into the sink or toilet bucket of boiling water.You can pour another batch of tools and leave it overnight and rinse in the morning the same way.
But not always cope with
the removal of fluid blockage.If they do not help, try cleaning the cable pipe.Insert the metal cable into the pipe and start to rotate, slowly thrusting farther.If the obstruction was caused by fatty deposits, the cable should help.Well, if you decide to get rid of the old corned beef and lowered it down the toilet - the effect you're likely to get.Be careful in their homes with the old pipes to clean the cable impossible, as there can be a breakthrough.
If nothing has coped with congestion sewer pipes, leave this matter plumbing.Call or go to the housing department and explain the problem.Typically, the master come the same day or the next, so too long to suffer because of the non-discharge will not have to.
When the problem is fixed, so that it did not appear again, clean the pipes once a month, alkaline or acidic liquid.It will clean the wall and prevent the formation of re-issue.