you need
  • - fixing,
  • - sealant,
  • - fittings,
  • - composition pipe.
Take composition pipe and mark it.Use level and pencil, put a line at the place of the alleged placing of the pipeline.Count the number of required material.This step takes into account several features of multilayer pipe .Firstly, although it bends, it does not mean that the swivel fittings are not required.Save on the fittings is not necessary.Second, you can cut the pipe ordinary hacksaw, buy special scissors is not necessary.Third, the pipeline must be secured.
Secure fastening metal-pipe.After the pipe, fittings, and other c
omponents purchased, proceed directly to the installation.First of all mount attachment.The distance between the fastening straps must not be more than one meter.
Collect composition pipe.For this disassemble fitting.O-ring nut immediately put on the pipe, already cut to size according to the scheme.The end of the pipe flare with a screwdriver or other tool.In the fitting of the fitting directly to the sealing gum, apply automotive sealant (sealant can be dispensed with, but there is a risk that the compounds will flow).
Put the tube on the fitting until it stops.If the end of the pipe was flared too, will have all of the same screwdriver (or another tool) to correct the edges.Sleeves O-ring to the threaded end of the fitting and tighten the nut.Follow the above procedure, the entire pipeline is brought together in accordance with the diagram.Installation, start from the water source.After assembly, the pipeline is necessary to wait a few hours to sealant has dried (if the sealant is not used, the pipeline is ready for use immediately after assembly).