you need
  • buy: kitchen sink, faucet for hot water, heat insulator, can or cans of ten liters, wall cabinet, a rubber hose to fill the tank with water, a rubber hose for connecting the heat exchanger, a piece of copper pipeexchanger, gas stove.
From copper thin-walled tube heat exchanger do.To do this, bend the pipe so that it took the form of a loop that surrounds the burner.Right in the burner flame is not necessary to have a loop.
free ends of your new heat exchanger connected by a rubber hose with a capacity.This might Bat primitive desyatilitrovaya canister or tank.A well-designed layout of the boiler.Ideally, it should be mounted directly above the sink or
In order to maintain the temperature of hot water is installed thermal insulation protection.To do this, place the tank or canister in the hanging closet, and the resulting space between the walls of the cabinet and fill the container with foam or other insulation.
Embed in your capacity of the pipe with a tap.Now tap to connect the hose from the heat exchanger.Make a check inspection of the structure of compounds that were nowhere to be leakage of water, the use tape FUM or linen for sealing joints of pipes and hoses.
your gas boiler is ready.Once you fill it with water and cook your dinner, at your disposal will go ten liters of hot water that can be used to wash dishes and hygienic needs.Now you are a person who uses an expensive efficient energy resources.
design of the boiler is used on plates, running on natural gas and on the plates with portable tanks.In fact, you will use the heat burning gas burners, and it is always useless and wasteful warms the lower tray.