first pick to replace the radiator.Note that it is necessary to choose not only the size but also the strength.So, if you live in a high-rise building, do not install aluminum radiators - they can withstand the pressure within the 16 atmospheres, while pressure surges in the system heating may exceed this value.You come Bimetallic radiators, with a frame made of steel tubing and aluminum cladding.Such radiators withstand pressures up to 40 atmospheres.
When installing a new radiator essential to install ball valves, it will allow you to adjust the temperature in the room.In addition, the valves on the pipes will give you the opportunity, in the event of a leak of the radiator, shut the water and quietly do the repair.
Before replacing the radiator is necessary to cut o
ff the water in the riser.To do this, you should call a locksmith housing department, but if the change occurs in the summer, you can cut off the water on their own - real experience shows that many tenants and do not complicate your life marches to the housing office.The valves are located in the basement of their overlap quite right key - for example, a gas.But be careful - if the pipes and valves are old and rusty, play it safe and call a plumber.
cut off the water, turn off the gas key nuts radiator.Since older homes are usually used for reeling flax paint, to disrupt the nuts sites can require significant effort.Convenient to carry out this work with an assistant - a man unscrews the second holds the radiator.
Be prepared container, which can drain the radiator and pipes.Usually, the battery runs out otkruchennoy dirty dark liquid, so try to time to substitute the container, so as not to smear the floors.
Otkruchennuyu remove the battery from its supporting hooks.When installing a new radiator main task is to ensure the tightness of connections.If you do the job well enough, after the start of the heating season, the battery will start to flow.It may be useful here and cranes, so be sure to install them.
sealing threaded connections can be conducted in a conventional manner, linen hemp oil paint, and modern, with FUM tape.Which way is better?If steel pipes, use linen, but replaced by modern paint sealant - for example, car, designed for high temperature.This option can be considered one of the best.If the connections of brass, you can use tape-fum.Nuts tighten tight, but within reasonable limits so as not to strip the threads.