Room Dimensions
minimum size of the room where you plan to install a hot tub, is the size of the bath plus 1 m on each side.This increase will allow you to have free access to the space under the bath (in the case of cleaning).There are overlaps requirement - they must be panel, made of reinforced concrete.Do not forget doorways - a bath must pass through them safely.

Sewerage Pumping water from the bathroom made using standard pipe diameter of 50 mm PVC.It is better if the drain hole is arranged in the corner.Out sewer pipe may be run from the wall, if the distance between the floor and the lowest point is equal to 5 cm high.

water quality is mandatory to have to install a mechanical filter water strainer.However, it is also desirable to install a fine filter.Sometimes, if the water is
too hard and contains a lot of iron, it is necessary to establish also a special unit that softens the water and removes it from the iron.
Electrical connection
for placement in the bathroom outlet hot tub can not be connected.And it usually is connected to a distribution box brownie, whole cable.Obligatory is the installation of the emergency shutdown, as well as a separate circuit breaker.To connect, use a copper cable with three conductors (phase conductor and shield wire zero) and double insulation of PVC.Equipment hot tubs consumes about 1.9-3.5 kW of electricity.It turns out that the section of each core of the cable must be 1.5-3 mm 2.
ventilation and leveling
hot tubs are installed horizontally, on a level.The slightest deviation would be fraught with unpleasant consequences.Produce leveling bath using the screw feet variable height, which tub, and worth it.
Sides bathroom closed ornamental or decorative wall panels, tiled.In the first case between the floor panel and the need to leave a small gap (1.5-3 cm).This is to ensure heat dissipation and ventilation equipment - a fan, a pump, a control unit, which is located under the cup.In the second case, the wall should be two small ventilation hatch.Part of the wall make removable, so you can get to the equipment for its prevention and repair or sweep out of the bath waste.