Tip 1: How to make water

Water - the basis of life.Therefore, moving to live outside the city or building a private house, the owner of the suburban real estate first of all should be well thought out and organized water .
you need
  • - metal tank;
  • - pump;
  • - filter;
  • - plastic pipes;
  • - fittings;
  • - flexible hoses;
  • - gauge;
  • - instruments.
Classical water system consists of a water-lifting installation, the storage tank and the filtration unit.However, it must be present and a constant source of water, for example, well, well or river.
to create a constant pressure (this fact is essential to be able to safely use the water system) is to purchase or make their own hands a water tank with a capacity of 1-2 cube.Stainless steel - the best material for the container.Set at the height of the storage tank, for example, in the attic.
water injection system set in a well or other source of water pump.Following this installation, perform water inlet, consisting of a grid and check valve.Automat
e the connection and disconnection of the pump: it buy electric contact pressure gauge and connect it to the pump and the water supply system.
Complete water system sealed container, which is required to drill one hole.This port is connected to the piping system.As the water level in the container will increase, the air trapped above water will szhivaetsya, whereby the pump is off when the pressure in the system is constant.
Connect the water supply system installation for water formed on the basis of the membranes.The advantage over conventional membrane filter apparatus is its efficiency (500-1000 hours).
For further assembly systems using metal pipes with a diameter of 16 mm and a corresponding set of fittings.Connect the pipes with tanks, pumps and cranes, using flexible hoses necessary length.

Tip 2: Installation of heating and water supply

level of comfort of the modern private home is not inferior to a well-maintained city apartment, and maybe surpass.To provide all the necessary and desired facilities required to perform engineering systems, of which the main ones are heating and water supply.
Installation of heating and water supply

Heating System Engineering

heating system of a private house is divided into the following main components:
- boiler;
- pipeline system;
- heaters.

Boiler is a complex of equipment that generates heat by burning any fuel or electricity conversion.Boiler rooms are located in a separate room or building.The equipment includes the boiler boiler for heating water. in the cottage with central heating system, as the boiler provides heating unit.

pipeline system and distributes heat radiators in every room of the building by circulating coolant heated in the boiler room, which gives off heat the room air.

It is with the construction of communications often begin installation of heating systems in private homes, the pipes can be laid on the ceiling, the floor or wall.Then mount the selected boilers, and finally carried out the installation of the batteries. Radiators better to install after finishing their place of installation.

There are a variety of schemes of heating of private houses and cottages.Select the heating circuit, it is desirable in the design phase of project documentation, taking into account the characteristics of the facility construction.The main parameters of the heating system - power, fuel (gas, diesel fuel, firewood, electricity), the kind of coolant piping and wiring diagram of the location of radiators - depend on the total building area, height ceilings and thick walls.

Water heating is the most favorable cost, besides, it is very simple to install and use.

Water System

composition of standard water supply system of a private house next:
- water intake source (well, borehole or group of wells);
- external and internal pipelines;
- hydropneumatic tank;
- pump water.

primarily on source water intake installed electric water pump.From the house is laid intake pipe to supply water from a source in the water system.Before the insertion point to the house is set gidropnevmobak, volume from 60 to 120 liters, depending on the intensity of water use and the number of people permanently residing. for water heating is cheaper to use gas than electric heaters.

After that the pipe to the boiler for heating the water and made the installation of pipes for hot and cold water supply to the sanitary equipment.
Remember: in the pipeline with supplies faucets water should be kept under a certain pressure.
Helpful Hint
Collector centrifugal pumps are considered unreliable, so purchase a pump design that does not have brushes, collector and armature winding.In such pumps, condensers and squirrel cage, which provide job motor in single-phase network.
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