Water Pump , or pump, the washing machine - the unit responsible for the discharge of water.Therefore, a slow drain, or even its absence - the first and the main sign that it is failure in the pump.Besides the obvious symptoms, you can still recognize and others: poor Rinsing linen, no spin, stop during the rinse.
To check water pump , disassemble your washing machine, and make sure the drain pipe is not put any foreign objects or just dirt.Test the voltmeter terminals pump and perhaps they are not supplied voltage.If the terminal voltage is absent, then it is not in the pump,
and in the sequencer: faulty electrical circuit, connecting it with fanfare.In the event of a breakdown you should immediately contact a specialist for service: you are unlikely to be able to fix their own chain of controller, but electric shock may well get it.The terminals can also just slightly away from the pump well - then returning them to the place and tightly pressed, you can eliminate the damage yourself.
Remove the pump from the cochlea and check it for damage.The pump can crack, break or may nadlomatsya its blades;In addition, the valve of the water pump could become entangled and foreign objects (for example, thread or pile), in which case they will obstruct the movement of the valve and the pump will not run.Just clean the water pump and put it back.If the cause is still not found, then twist and sway of the blade to the side: they do not have to hang out (the water can wash all the grease), should not be free to turn and must not rotate with strong difficulty.If you have found at least one of the three issues that do not waste any more time and call the professionals.Most likely, the pump will have to forgive me.