Tip 1: How to make a washing machine

Washing machines are becoming more affordable.For 5000 you can buy a very decent machine with the required features.When purchasing equipment, you certainly will offer installation services and additional warranty.However, this may add to the amount of purchase 1000-3000 rubles.Is it worth it to pay more for what you are able to do it yourself?
Before you buy a washing machine to measure the parameters of the place in which it is installed.Its size should be slightly smaller.Measurements were made not only at the bottom, but also at the height of the washing machine.In addition, the distance from the drain hole to the machine should not be more than 1.5 meters.Otherwise, you need to buy a longer connecting hose.
When you buy and you will deliver a washing machine, inspect the goods.Loader or forwarder must unpack the unit, and you check to see if the machine chips, scratches, dents.All this may indicate violation of the integrity of the machine, leading to malfunction art.Insid
e the cars do not have to knock.To test this, poshatatsya machine.In case of defects, Writing, send equipment back.
If everything is in order, first remove the transit bolts.They can be from 2 to 4. Their mission was to capture during the transport tank.If there are seals, then remove them too.Then, pre-set the machine in place and take her connection to drain water to the riser with cold water.He certainly made separately with stopcock, which should be closed after using the machine.If the machine is a system of AQUASTOP, the shut-off valve can not overlap.Aquastop - a sensitive sensor located at the bottom of the machine.In the event of contact with a water and draining and water intake is stopped.Some machines also suggest fence not only cold water but also hot.In our conditions, put the tap for hot water is not appropriate.
To drain the water can be installed in the sewer drain hose hole using a separate siphon from the bath, or the end of the drain simply dipped into a bath or sink.True second way to lose in usability and aesthetics.To arrange a drain of the first embodiment, it is necessary to use a siphon with overflow valve, which protects the machine from possible ingress of water from the sewer into the machine.This hose is attached to the wall at the level of 60-70 cm for the extra safety net overflow.After fixing bend the hose is connected to the siphon.
for washing machines, it is desirable to withdraw a separate three-conductor copper wire from the panel.Wire 2mm create a margin of safety.For its protection panel put in 16A circuit breaker which will disconnect the machine Overload (over 3.6 kW).Grounding is placed on the bus, in my best plate.
When the machine is connected, it is required to align the level of construction and start up a test with no laundry washing.powder.It is necessary to remove the lubricant from remaining on the conveyor assembly.Also, when you start checking the idle temperature of heating, adherence to the washing time, spin rinse.

Tip 2: How to make furniture for Barbie

in a toy store, you can buy without any problems furniture doll Barbie , but it is worth it is not cheap and also can easily go wrong in the course of the game.Loving parents are not always able to buy all the toys, which occurred to point a finger child, but want to please him sometimes new toy.
How to make furniture for Barbie
you need
  • box from under the shoe and candy, clay, adhesive tape, ruler, scissors, 2 plastic bottles, 2 pencils, paper for children's creativity, scraps of fabric and lace.
To make a stylish chair for the doll, you need to obliquely cut the bottom off a plastic bottle as follows: make a mark with a pencil at a distance of twelve cm from the bottom on one side of the bottle (it will be back nextchairs).On the other hand - at the height of five cm from the bottom.Separate the bottle with a knife and then cut it with scissors at an angle, observing the markings on the bottle.The chair is ready.Now you can put on the bottom of the plastic chairs and a small pillow to cover his cape.
For manufacturing lamp you just need a half-liter plastic bottle, a little clay, pencil, or a cocktail stick, trim lace trim ribbons and scissors.
Cut off from the bottom of a bottle exactly (it stand lamp) and in the area of ​​the neck of the "coat hanger" bottle (the foundation of the lampshade).Stick to the bottom of the stand with the help of plasticine pencil, on the other hand, attach the base of the lampshade.Put on the lamp shade cover, assembled like an accordion and string fastened around the cork.
Table Barbie can be made from an empty box of chocolates from the cut from her countertop and glued on both sides of leg-stand.Glue should be making a small fold of cardboard from the upper side leg to a makeshift counter.
Wardrobe can be made of a shoe box, where the cut along the lid of the box will serve as doors (side bends the cover will need to cut).Attach the door to the main box is necessary in using the adhesive tape on the inside.Crossbar for hangers can be made from a pencil.
Helpful Hint
TV, dishes for Barbie you can sculpt from salt dough and bake, paint and varnish, to join the process of creating an environment of their child.
  • how to make furniture for Barbie dolls