"We are not rich enough to buy cheap things" - this motto is fully applicable to the choice of the mixer for the bathroom, as the savings on it will certainly affect the future on the convenience of its use.

decide to start with what should be a way of water management.Option two: dvuhventilny (with separate handles for hot and cold water) and the lever (balance of hot and cold water is achieved by moving towards a single knob).

Worth possible to select single-lever mixer, the main reasons:
1. Much faster open water flow.
2. Easy water temperature control, no need to constantly adjust the flow of water to the desired temperature.
3. Single-lever mechanism is much slower wear during operation.This is due to the unique design of head parts (head gate).It is made of a solid ceramic or abraded, unlike the rubber gaskets in the valve head parts.

Never buy mixers questionable production, even if they
look very nice.It is better to buy a tap-known reputable brand, otherwise the mixer will have to be replaced every six months - too short-lived Chinese crafts.

Note the presence of a coarse filter - it's a fine mesh, which is located inside the tap (usually worn on his end) and inhibits rust and other dirt, which is quite a lot of water in the city.In Chinese mixers such nets are usually not, so its presence can be one of the hallmarks of the quality of the mixer.

Before choosing a faucet for the bathroom pay attention to the material.If the composition includes a mixer silumin (an alloy of aluminum and silicon (Al-Si)), rest assured - this mixer likely will not live six months.

highest quality material is a nickel-plated chrome-plated brass: this is the strength, beauty and quality in one.

By the way, the quality of the mixer can be found in weight - a good mixer will be much heavier than their Chinese fakes.

And finally - each mixer valve must be equipped with a nozzle-aerator.This device has two functions: keeps the mechanical dirt particles and saves water.

That's all.We wish you a successful range of mixers for the bathroom!