you need
  • -shestigranny key;
  • -ploskogubtsy;
  • is flat screwdriver;
  • -Small hammer.
Disconnect the central water supply.After close the shut-off valves and remove the handle.To do this, gently loosen the screw using a hexagon.
Note Screwed ring.Press the screwdriver on the part of the ring, which is a notch.In order not to press strongly screwdriver, light hammer blows help move the ring.Turn the ring counterclockwise.Do everything very carefully to avoid turning the whole of the crane as a whole, resulting in damage to the hose under the tap.
Unpack and remove with pliers chrome-dome.Do not damage the four-gear ring which is located directly beneath the dome, which, if desired, be adjusted
up and down.
Pay attention to the condition of the seal.If it is worn, it soon while the crane from the ball will leak water.In addition, check the seal for rust.The seal is inside the ball.
Remove the bowl from the tap.Inspect the ball stopper.This oblong hole, which prevents the possibility of a critical rotating crane
Remove the ball from the construction crane.She pulled out a very simple, one touch up.Inspect the ball from the bottom, carefully check the condition of the bottom surface.When injuries and considerable deterioration in the metal ball around the hole bottom can be detected traces of swarf and mechanical damage.
inside the faucet and get the sealing spring that are responsible for the work of the gaskets.If the springs are worn pads arranged dense, which leads to a constant dripping.Black seals are the seals of the ball.