During the formation of the body of an adult bird eggs turning to the secondary skeletal system: thin bone fragments dissolve, releasing calcium, magnesium and phosphate.Due to this, is formed around the egg shell, about 95% consisting of calcium carbonate, almost completely absorbed by living organisms.

shell also contains potassium, magnesium, sodium, silicon, organic protein, a small amount of fat.Such content of nutrients makes this shell mineral complex, indispensable for plant nutrition and improvement of the soil-ground.

Increased soil acidity adversely affects the fertility and productivity of the plants growing there.The most accessible, inexpensive and effective way to neutralize the excess acidity - soil application of the eggshell.You must use only the shell of raw eggs, becauseduring
cooking eggs calcium collapses and it becomes almost useless.The shell is thoroughly washed, dried well, and ground manually using a grinder or grinders.

powder from the shell into the soil when it is digging or planting, adding fertilizer directly into the hole.To neutralize the excess acidity of the soil enough to 0.5 kg per 1 sq.m. shellIn addition, add a fertilizer into the soil can be, having mixed it with wood ash, which is also a good neutralizing excessive acidity and potassium-phosphorus fertilizer.It is important to remember that the shell is decomposed in the soil for a long time, and an overabundance of calcium can negatively affect the development of seedlings, so feed the calcined powder is best done only mature plants and seedlings used for liquid fertilizer dosage.

To prepare a liquid feeding shells piled in a glass bowl, pour boiling water and leave a few days before the state of turbidity.Before use, the solution is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3.Watering so fertilizer can be as houseplants and vegetable, particularly favorably to a feeding include eggplants, peppers, beets, root, cherry, plum, rose.

halves of the shell can be used as an original and useful container for growing seedlings.Shells filled with a nutrient mixture of soil and sow the seeds of plants.After germination and seedling strengthen shell and crush with a clod of earth germ planted in open ground.In order to "container" did not happen stagnant water and rotting of the roots of the young, should be at the bottom of the shell with a sharp needle or a needle to make a few holes, which act as drainage holes.