Basic requirements for structures in the loggia or a balcony - strength, durability.The frames should be securely protect the "living space", not only in normal conditions but also in extreme situations: in a strong wind, storm, blizzard, etc.Modern manufacturers offer a variety of frame, made from plastic, metal, wood, who in his own meet the requirements.Therefore, when choosing balcony frames need to take into account features of a particular material manufacturing.


If you decide to purchase a wood frame, then first of all pay attention to the type of wood.It is preferable to buy a frame made of larch, oak, at least, from the pine.These materials are less susceptible to rot and has good strength, which is not the fir, hornbeam, bee
ch and fir.Good wooden frames should be subjected antiseptic treatment.The optimal size of the wooden frame of the bar - 45x45 mm.The use of wooden frames for the glazing of loggias, balconies considered environmentally safe, inexpensive option arrangement.


strong enough and pure ecologically material.Aluminum profiles have low weight, do not respond to changes in temperature and exposure to chemicals (acid rain, for example).If you choose should take into account what double-glazed windows can be placed in these frames.Most manufacturers produce products designed for single-chamber double-glazed windows;if you have a severe and cold climate, these profiles will not fit.We have aluminum and cons - one of them is galvanic corrosion when in contact with some chemical elements (eg, copper, silver or alloys thereof).Therefore, during installation make sure that, to avoid possible contact with these metal frame.

plastic and metal and plastic

One of the advantages of plastic - the possibility of fine adjustment (up to fractions of a millimeter) under the required size.Desirably, the inside of the plastic frame was placed of metal additional profile that will give additional strength to the structure.When buying look at the possibility of installing multi-pane windows.It is recognized that two or more cameras are better save heat, but much heavier construction, which will require further strengthening of the parapet.Another important point - supplies - it should only be a metal, asplastic products very quickly (especially in winter) break.