device pendulum saws

In fact, it is a small, compact machine, which plays a major role circular saw.The cutting blade can be replaced quickly, depending on the type of material being cut and the desired width of cut.Also, the design allows you to install and grinding wheels.Any swing saw is based on the linkage system, which provides a deep and smooth cut under any given angle in both planes.Thus there is a reliable fixation of the position of the saw blade.The main feature of this power tool - high precision cross-cut material, which ultimately ensures the quality assembly of elements in the final stage of production.

All Pendulum saws are equipped with protection system - a special casing, avoid contact with the operator of the cutting blade.As a complement, the saw can be equipped with bag to collect sawdust and the possible extinction of sparks.Shuttle hardware
meant for not only cutting wood pieces;install a special drive enables precise cut elements made of plastic, thin metal or alloy.

Operational features

The efficiency and lifetime of cutting pendulum equipment primarily related to motor power and the value of the peripheral speed of rotation of the blade.The higher these parameters, the faster, better made and more cut life.But there is another point that affects the pendulum saws - auxiliary equipment.Modern manufacturers pay much attention to improving the system of clamping workpieces.This includes movable jaw, folding comb screw mechanism.Here, the main task - to create a system which, on the one hand, fixes the workpiece on the other - provides the ability to promptly move the cutting geometry or a new installation.

When choosing a pendulum blade is recommended to rely on the kind of basic work material is cut blanks.If, for example, is supposed to cut the metal workpiece in large volumes, it is preferable to purchase special equipment for performing this process step is metal.Special metal swing saw is equipped with special clips and more powerful screw mechanism.Using highly specialized power tool will provide a quality cut and increase the life of the blade.