You have to decide for what purposes it is going to install wall-mounted gas boiler : to provide heating and at the same time you need hot water.In the first case, if you have a central water, you need a single-loop boiler, while the second - two-circuit.
Define the second important characteristic of the boiler: the combustion chamber is open or closed.First - Chimney (natural draft) requires the obligatory presence in the house chimney.In his absence, used turbo boilers (with closed combustion chamber).The scope of such a boiler includes a fan and a special system of air supply and smoke.Its advantage is that it does not burn the oxygen in the r
oom, and the air to support combustion enters the system directly from outside directly into the boiler.
Next, determine the boiler capacity you need.Get it can be approximated as follows: 1 kW at 10 square meters heated area.
If installing a bypass of the boiler, calculate its performance.To do this, you must consider how much hot water outlets you plan to install in the house.For one - pot requires the performance ≈ 6 liters per minute for two or more - 12 liters per minute.
Check out the features offered by your passport boilers.Pay attention to the amount of gas consumed.
Define the parameters required for automation of your boiler.Modern automation of heating gas boilers are very convenient, because they control the pressure and heat the coolant, the presence of flame and draft in the chimney, in the event of a threat or missing some factor, automatic shut off mechanism of the boiler and block the flow of gas.