you need
  • - pipe to connect to the water and gas;
  • - hammer drill;
  • - a hammer, a set of keys, a screwdriver;
  • - mounting hooks;
  • - dowels.
Check the characteristics of the gas pipeline and aqueduct that specified on the rating plate of the heater.Make sure that the gas is fed to the device in a sufficient amount in view of its other consumer appliances.
For mounting speakers on the wall, plan working space for its service: the top and bottom 15 cm on each side - at least 5 cm from the front panel - 30 cm. Remove the front panel knobs Powerand water temperature.Remove the screw that secures the front of the cap.Remove the cover from the bracket for fastening it to the top of the unit.
the installation site colum
ns on the wall mark the location of the dowels and make a mark in the field of entry and exit of water.Drill holes in the wall and install the dowels into them.Attach the hooks supplied with the device on the wall and hang them on a gas column .
Thoroughly clean the water and gas, remove all dirt.Connect column to the water supply of hot and cold water and gas line.Make sure that the connection is not under mechanical stress.Check the presence and good condition of all the o-rings.
Install all the knobs on the front panel to its original position.Turn on the faucet hot and cold water up to the stop and release the accumulated air.Close the valves, check the tightness of all the connections of water supply and pipeline.Ensure the completeness of removal of the products of combustion.
Make sure that the mains correspond to the characteristics of the heater.Connect the device to the mains.