modern market offers a wide range of consumer demand of batteries for heating residential premises.Traditionally, the greatest demand is for cast iron radiators, convectors, aluminum radiators and heating equipment of bimetal.It is this list of heating units suited to the Russian cold season.
iron radiators are in first place in terms of durability.Their lifespan reaches fifty years.It is this criterion in most cases is the most important when choosing a heating equipment.Air heating these batteries is carried out by thermal radiation.Furthermore, due to its weight, cast iron radiators have high heat capacity, i.e. provide a high heat margin.At the same time, we note that the water in the batteries can be heated to only 55 ° C.Cast-iron
batteries for the best selection of apartments with a large area, as well as for heating systems with non-constant temperature (old housing).
Speaking of the convectors, in which the water to be heated at least 70 ° C, it is an indicator can provide high-quality heating of the air and the surrounding area.Convector does not have a high specific heat and warms the air by constant circulation is the best option for small apartments with low permeability and a small amount of furniture.These radiators should choose those who worried about the style and harmony of design decisions in the room, because the cast iron radiators have to decorate and hide behind screens, and convector can be simply inserted into the wall or the floor.
As for the aluminum panels, they combine the two types of heat transfer.Such radiators are lightweight and small heat capacity, which makes the apparatus larger number of advantages than disadvantages.The temperature level in this case can be controlled by means of automation, which is installed at the time of mounting the aluminum radiator.The only disadvantage of such units can be called their small lifetime.In short, these radiators not buy typical high-rise residents and inhabitants of today's popular townhouses.
bimetal radiators are endowed with not only all the advantages of aluminum radiators, and durability of cast iron units.Adjust the temperature of the batteries is also produced by means of automation.These are expensive devices, which, however, justify its price and durability, and reliability.This is the choice - for wealthy people and practical.