Restoration baths can now be accomplished in several ways: by installing a liner processing acrylic ("liquid", liquid bath) or enamelling.The last option is the most popular, due to the simplicity of the procedure and the low cost of consumables.To achieve maximum effect, you should get acquainted with the instructions on the package enamel and perform simple requirements described below.


Initially, the need to clear the old enamel bath (surface layer).You can use waterproof sandpaper and drill with Velcro attachment in the form of a circle.Wire processing, pre-cleaning bath sprinkled with abrasive powder and moisten it with water.The result is a slurry, which must be carefully removed.Look for rust bath;if available, the place corroded, you need to clear.Deep
splits must be sealed using an epoxy adhesive or a mixture of nitric enamel white glue "Supercement."In the final step of preparation is to get a smooth, dry, smooth surface.

next stage - priming.You can choose any compound, preferably in aerosol containers.Before use, read the instructions, which should be pointed out that this type of primer can be used in the processing of metal.During priming, make sure that there were no air bubbles and streaks.After work well dry bath.

Topcoat application

preferable to buy in a can enamel containers, asaerosol packaging requires a large amount of solvent, which reduces the life of the enamel coating.For applying the composition of the enamel will need a brush, preferably made of natural material, or tissue swab.The latter option is preferred, becauseexcludes the ingress of hairs in the enamel layer.Application is made in the last several layers with drying of each;more about the technology to be described in the manufacturer's packaging.The work should be carried out at a temperature of 20-23S.The enamel solidifies within a few hours, but the complete drying can talk next week.

Restored tub will last longer if you avoid contact with the coating chemically aggressive substances;bleaching powder, abrasive cleaners such as "Pemolyuks┬╗, Comet or acidic substances.