material hanging toilet - an important criterion for evaluating the quality of the product

modern sanitary market offers suspended toilets made of plastic, steel, porcelain, iron, pottery and other materials.It is believed that the most reliable and durable plumbing is made of porcelain and earthenware.Thus, the life of porcelain toilets can reach 50 years, while the product retains good form (it does not absorb odors, and care for such a toilet is not difficult).As for the porcelain toilet suspended, their service life is somewhat less, he is about 35 years. have porcelain smooth surface with small pores, so dirt does not stick to it, and therefore will have to clean a toilet is extremely rare.

Professionally Decorated

Suspended toilets may be the most bizarre shapes and unusual colors.So, there are oval, rectangular, round and even dished plumbing fixtures.Considered the most practical form of round and oval: firstly, there is no sharp angles, which can be hit, and secondly, it is easier to take care of the product (rubbed outer surface from dust and splashing and clean the toilet).

look stunningly dark closets with glass lids and refined models with wooden trim.These plumbing accessories fit perfectly into the interior of the bathroom or toilet.

toilet installation and a method for fixing

are two types of installation: a block and a framework.Block installation cheaper: it is used for attachment to the main walls (installation is performed using anchor bolts, which take the full load).This installation has the following items: anchor bolts, drain tank, sewer and water piping.

Framework installation is a system of strong metal frames, which are equipped with legs (they can be used to adjust the height of fastening hanging toilet).This installation is fixed to the wall and to the floor, with the main burden falls on the floor, so the design can be fastened even on a non-capital walls. Such structures can withstand the weight of up to 400 kg.

key drain

This button should not only in harmony with the interior of the bathroom, but also be of high quality, because it is often used, but because more than any other element of the plumbing system is subject to failure.Better to choose hanging toilet bowls with a double drainage system: it will provide up to 50% water savings.