you need
  • - WD-40;
  • - gas or wrench;
  • feed for ODM (fumka);
  • - new mixer;
  • - set of gaskets.
Apply WD-40 on the point of attachment to the eccentrics adapters Water pipes and union nut old mixer.An alternative may be a few drops of kerosine.This will get rid of the salt deposits.Wait 10-15 minutes.
Shut off cold and hot water in an apartment or house for that close the entrance gate.Loosen gently with a gas key union nut and remove the old faucet mixer itself.
Remove the old unions, adapters and clean the threads on the water pipes.Wrap the threads of the new cams from the diameter of ¾ inch tape FUM.
Manually tighten ecce
ntric to the water pipe, and tighten with the key half a turn.Both adapters should second their findings sent in one direction, either up or down.Set eccentric conclusions strictly on the distance corresponding to the distance of the mixer inputs
Wear protective laths outputs eccentrics.
Lay lining in the flanges of the mixer in the following order: soft rubber, hard paronitovye.It is possible that complete with mixer will only be rubber gaskets.
Tighten union nuts on the mixer outputs adapters manually, and then tighten with a wrench on the half turn.
Connect conclusions spout ("goose") and shower hose.When installing the gander carefully insert it into the bottom opening of the mixer, without damaging or displacing the O-rings.Connect shower hose to the holder or adapter, insert the appropriate size rubber gasket and paronita.
Turn on the water.Open valves accurately and quickly to prevent water hammer on the mixer.