What is a ladder?

in the usual sense of the ladder is the ladder on the vessel connecting the deck of the ship to the mainland.At about the same function is performed by the drain trap in the shower.It connects to the sewer system and allows you to bring the water drains out of the bathroom.This system is actively used in public places such as swimming pool, gymnasium, hospital.

Why did the ladder?

Disclaimer finished the shower - it's a solution that will not only give the interior a modern style bathroom, but also significantly improve the comfort of use of the shower.First of all, the elimination of pallet will easily get into the shower and get out of it.This is especial
ly important when the shower will benefit the elderly and children.There is no risk that someone will catch hold of the obstacle, coming out of the shower.

Shower tray without gaining more fans, as the per capita thanks to the ladder you can design a bathroom, depending on its size and layout.Shower, for example, may occupy the whole width of the room.In small bathrooms lack shower may well affect the spatial sensations.

floor drain has a number of advantages.It provides good sealing of floor joints, allows the cleaning of drainage systems (which can not be "painless" to make the presence of the shower tray).In addition, the drain trap prevents sewer valves, filters the drain water from the major contaminants and isolates bathroom odors from entering the sewers.

How is the ladder in the shower?

ladders usually made of corrosion-resistant material, metal or plastic.This design has to be very strong, especially in the outer body-hopper, which is installed in the floor and filled with concrete, and then pasted into the membrane, do not miss the water.

installation shower with floor drain is solved even before the screed.Then without problems in the thickness of the slab placed sewer pipe and trap himself.Total this installation will take 11-15 cm of floor space.When installing the ladder is also necessary to provide the slope surface of the floor by 1 degree.