Cast iron baths

Resistant and durable, retains heat well, modern cast iron baths are durable and reliable.The jet of water will not rattle the cup of the bath, and the enamel on it will last more than one decade.
Acrylic bathtubs

plastic (acrylic) bath can withstand temperatures to 160 ° C, durable, retains heat well and does not rattle under running water.In addition, if an acrylic bathtub appeared chips or cracks, it's easy to correct for even the inexperienced home craftsman.
Steel baths

Baths of steel can be absolutely any form.They are reliable, practical, and relatively inexpensive.These baths can be hybrid: steel bowl, which imposed a special structure, aligning and fixing the uppermost layer
of the "sandwich" - acrylic overlay.

Quaryl baths from a mixture of plastic (acrylic) and quartz produced by casting Quaryl baths.Stone enhances strength plastic, so that the bath can serve for many years to its owner.Quaryl baths do not rattle, well keep the temperature are absolutely smooth surface, easy to clean, do not scratch and can be of any shape.
Earthenware bath

Earthenware bath with glazed surface is easy to care for, but quite fragile.However, this is compensated by the magnificent appearance of ceramic bath.
Wooden tubs

Exotic in the 21st century, and the most that neither has the usual in the past centuries, wooden bathtubs are made from water-resistant wood.Of course, a wooden bathtub of the XXI century is not like the tub where splashing medieval Europeans.Modern technologies of wood to make wooden tub is quite practical and natural material allows it to fit well in fashion now ekointerer.
Glass Glass

bath tubs are made of heavy-duty glass.Such baths are usually combined and elements are made of steel, wood and other materials.The glass bowl can be either transparent or colored.
marble baths

Marble baths are made from a special mass, consisting of marble chips and acrylic.Such baths are of the same characteristics as the Quaryl.In an exclusive collection of luxury sanitary ware manufacturers can be seen Bathrooms bowl of natural marble.
stone bath tubs

Stone cast of artificial stone, which is turn is made from a mixture of resin and stone powder.Bowl of bath can be made from natural stone - onyx, granite.Stone baths have high decorative qualities, have a minimum thermal conductivity, durable, durable, easy to care for.
Baths various forms

Modern baths can be of any shape, which only wants the buyer.In the store, you can choose a bath in the form of a rectangle, oval, circle, square, semi-circle, hexagon, triangle, eight- and pentagon.
Dimensions baths

There are standard size tubs.Thus, the length of the bowl can be 1.5 meters, 1.7 meters and 1.8 meters.Width: 70,80, or 85 centimeters.Height bathroom bowl is 65 centimeters.Today, however, easy to find on sale bath with non-standard dimensions.