Classification of sewer pipes

Pipes for domestic sewage may be made of the following materials: steel, cast iron and plastic.Each type of pipe has its advantages and disadvantages.

steel pipes capable of withstanding high temperatures, but have a susceptibility to corrosion.Because of this, they are used mainly in industry.

pipes of cast iron more technological installation and manufacturing are spread in large houses risers.They do not corrode, are kept at different temperatures, are harmless.Their main drawback - a lot of weight.

most popular in modern construction are different types of plastic pipes.They are different from their metal counterparts ease of transportation and installation.

example, pipes for domestic sewage uPVC (PVC-U).Their main features are - high impact strength, easy installation, high hea
t resistance.The main drawback of these products - the loss of elasticity at temperatures above 70C.

Polyethylene pipes Low (HDPE) and high (HDPE) pressure is also used for domestic sewage.Their operating temperature is 65 ° C, for a short period of time can be used at 95 ° C.To increase the lifetime of pipes, soot material is added, it provides a black color.

Polypropylene pipes (PP) have a higher elastic properties, the operating temperature to 95 ° C, and good chemical resistance.They are often used for domestic sewage in the organizations having a corrosive waste.

How to choose the pipes for domestic sewage

choosing pipes for sewage systems need to take into account the diameter, length, wall thickness.Pipes of different sizes have different purpose. spare, during installation, be sure to remove the plastic pipe burrs.Otherwise, they will start to collect runoff from a different litter.

Sewage pipe diameter of 75 mm are suitable for individual sanitary items - washbasins, bathtubs, shower stalls.

To arrange a diversion flow from the toilet will need large-diameter pipes.The size of its cross section should be 100 or 110 mm.

biggest pipe is used for waste water from industrial facilities, public buildings and high-rise buildings.It required pipe cross-section of 300mm. If sewage from clogged plastic pipes, use its special chemical cleaning agents or a cable with a non-metallic tip.

According to GOST pipes are available in lengths from 1 to 6 meters with steps of 1 meter.Therefore, we can acquire the pipe length 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 meters.

wall thickness of the tube depends on its diameter.For example, products with a diameter of 160 mm wall thickness is 3.9 mm.The wall of the pipe with a diameter of 110 mm is 3 mm.