you need
  • - electric;
  • - a set of screwdrivers;
  • - building level;
  • - building a gun;
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - sealer (colorless silicone);
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - washers, screws and nuts;
  • - FPM tape.
First check all parts of the instrument and prepare.Any shower consists of:
• pan;
• screen;
• top of the dome;
• rear panel;
• side walls;
• uprights;
• guides the door.

Make sure that all the components in place, and only then proceed to the assembly.
first make the installation of the pallet.If the shower has legs, adjust them using the spirit level.If the legs are not provided design, need to make a cement screed and installation of booths made only after it is completely dry, about 3 weeks.
After fixing the pallet need to go to the sewage system.You must first ins
tall double or tee (it all depends on what equipment is installed in the bathroom).The siphon must be secured on a pallet, and a corrugated tube connected to the sewer wiring.The joints should be treated fum-tape to prevent any leakage.Always be sure the corrugated pipe that is above the sink.
If you purchased a version of the corner booths, the place of its connection with the wall to be treated with sealant.If you bought a closed cockpit, you do not need.Set the pan on the cabin wall and fix them according to the instructions (usually fasteners are included).All joints in places mounts treat the sealant.
to secure doors use rollers, reaching complete.Once the doors have been installed, you must install the top, securing it in the designated slots.Joints in the grooves need to be sealed.

Connect hoses to the hot and cold water, and then be sure to secure them with clamps.Prepare a grounded socket and insert the plug.
Make structural strength and tightness of connections.If all goes well, you can take a shower!